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Hi wonderfull Girls,
I Visite Petersburg Next week and I want to have fun with you. I Stay in the Park Inn Pulkovskaya. WHO would like to see me? I'm respectful and gentleman. first let is have a Dinner than partying in a Club and After this....
Marc, St. Petersburg
24.03.2017 15:25

Message for Alena
Russia, Saint-Petersburg
Hi Alena. How are you? Would you do extra service like Pussy creampie?
Slobodan, Australia, Perth
24.03.2017 14:32

Message for Nikol
Russia, Moscow
Hello , we look for a sexy and dirty girl.
We are called Michael and Tanja and we are looking for girl for us .
We are from 28.4 to 30.4 we would like you meeting for dirty Days and Nights. If you should have fun please send the height of your price, if we agree, we pay in advance about Western Union Bank. . Our preferences fullservice and everything without condom
We wait of your answer

Greetings Michael and Tanja
Michael Trebuth, Germany in Berlin
24.03.2017 06:54

Message for Marta
Russia, Saint-Petersburg
Hello , i am from hong kong. I am coming to st. Peterburg in july. I would to meet u there.
Do you speak English?
Peter, Hong kong
23.03.2017 18:52

Message for Suzan
Russia, Moscow
Hi, I am staying in HolidayInn close to your station.
Would you be interested to meet me in a hotel for 1 hour on Friday 24.03. night?
Mike, UK
24.03.2017 00:35




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