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Message for Karmen
Russia, Moscow
Hello Karmen I have found your profile at Real Russian Prostitute. I would like to ask you what you want for money for a week visit with me in Germany for escortservice?
Alternative 3 days

Kiss from Germany
Markus, 79100 Freiburg/Germany
10.08.2017 14:51

Message for Mila
Russia, Moscow
Hello i am interested to meet you.i am in moscow until AUGUST 29th.can you tell me if you are free some nignt after midnight and the prices for 1 hour basic ?i tryed to add you in whats app and vider but i didn't succeed
Kevin, Moscow
11.08.2017 16:44

Message for Nastya
Russia, Moscow
Hi Nastia,
I'll be in Moscow until 20th of august.
I like your photos very much, can we meet one day?
My hotel is Prince Park
Johnny, Spain
11.08.2017 06:43

Message for Liza
Russia, Moscow

my name is Alejandro. I'm 26 and spending a fewa few days in Moscow. I would love to meet with you. Let me know +59179157763 it's my Whatsapp number
Alejandro, Bolivia
09.08.2017 19:07

Hi KJ. I'll be in Moscow from 7 to 8 August. Are you available in that days? I would like to meet you for two hours at night. I would prefer in my hotel room but I don't know if it's allowed. I'll inform you by email or calling(if it's possible to receive in my room) anyrime but please tell me some alternatives.
See you soon.
KJ, Korea
07.08.2017 06:44



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This pages present photos of Russian call girls, information about their services (given by them) and their contact phone numbers, these are girls direct numbers. Russian Prostitutes provide twenty-four-hours service, available for incalls (girls apartments) and outcalls (visit your place).

Please, keep in mind, Russian prostitutes are interested in real meetings, so call them if you wish to meet sometime shortly. If you like just talk, please, use sex-phone service and not Russian prostitutes.

When you call, please, ask for all details you are interested in, for instance - check the price for one hour, two hours and longer periods. The price depends on incall or outcall (usually higher than incall) and services included in basic fee.

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Prostitute Mila
Russia, Saint-Petersburg
40 USD per hour
70 USD per 2 hours

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