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Message for Aleksa
Russia, Saint-Petersburg
Hi dear Anisa! I will be in Saint Petersburg between 17 and 20 October, staying in Mini Hotel Amadey. 2,500 RUR (or 45 euros) is the basic price. Send me an e-mail if you are available one of these nights. I am interested in extras as well.
Yannis, Athens, Greece
15.10.2017 11:02

That are all beautiful lady's I would love to spend some time with. Any of them That are beautiful lady's I just wish that that could visit me in the usa
Kent. Hill, U.s.a
15.10.2017 19:22

Message for Galina
Russia, Moscow
Can you come now to hotel chaikovsky!? Bolshaya nikitskaya. Room 1. Will pay extra for two hours.
Edward Andrews, Uk
14.10.2017 07:07

Message for Natali
Russia, Saint-Petersburg
would you like to have 2 hours fun with me at 24.10.2017 17:00 in Hotel "Original Sokos Hotel Olympia Garden"?
Wolfgang, Germany
10.10.2017 09:36

Message for Maria
Russia, Moscow

If your photos are real i'd like to meet for dinner first and then a full night, when I am in Moscow in 2 weeks for work. Let me know your availability in that time on email so we can coordinate.

Fred, Denmark
10.10.2017 02:23


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Russia, Moscow
Prostitute VIP hot Moscow escort
We speak English
Number of girls 2-3
Age of girls 18-25 y.o.
Open 24/7

1 hour 3500 75 65
2 hours 6000 125 110
Underground station
Novye cheremushki
Services (Basic)
Classic sex, oral, massage
Services (Extra)
Anal sex
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Prostitute Polina
Russia, Saint-Petersburg
45 USD per hour
85 USD per 2 hours

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