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Message for Aisha
Russia, Saint-Petersburg
You look wonderful. i am planning to visit Moscow soon. is it possible to meet you ? Do you speak English? If yes I need Escort for 4 nights and 5 days. what is the total price ?
Sameer sallah, Beirut, Lebanon
15.04.2017 16:24

Message for Katerina
Russia, Moscow
I would like to have 1 or 2 hours with you at your place in Dinamo station between 26/4 and 28/7. Please inform me (e-mail) about availability and rate in euros, and also inform me about all the extra services you provide with their rates. Thank you!!!
A, Greece
18.04.2017 19:41

Message for Sofiya
Russia, Saint-Petersburg
Are you available on any of the days 19 th , 20, 21 of April in Saint Petersburg. Would like to meet u.
Email me .
Gary, India
17.04.2017 00:40

Message for Mashen'ka
Russia, Saint-Petersburg
Hi, I will visit St. Petersburg for a business trip at the end of this month. Would you be available to meet? please email me.
George, Greece
18.04.2017 15:59

Message for Lora
Russia, Moscow
You look great Lora, beautiful and lovely smile.
I'd love to meet you for a dinner and night, end of April when I come to Moscow.
What is your rate for that
I appreciate romantic and sensual meeting and sex
Alain G., Paris France
14.04.2017 18:03




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