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Message for Inna
Russia, Saint-Petersburg
Will be in Saint Petersburg this week on 23rd -28th. Can we meet?
Skyler, Untied states
21.02.2017 01:22

Message for Kseniya
Russia, Saint-Petersburg
Hi there. Are you avaiable on saturday the 25th of february for one night in my hotel?
Maik, Berlin
21.02.2017 10:52

Message for Olechka
Russia, Moscow
Hello, I'm from USA and I'll be in Moscow March 16th through the 21st. You're absolutely gorgeous, I like straight sex, woman on top, oral 69 and I'm interested in all night and if we click entire time I'm there.
Larry, USA
19.02.2017 15:51

Message for Zena
Russia, Moscow
Hello, you are very, very cute.

I am in moscow on Friday and would like 2 hours with you, a massage while you are wearing tight transparent clothing.

This would be an in call.

Morning or afternoon only.

If possible, can you give me a price ?
John, England
21.02.2017 19:57

Message for Xusha
Russia, Saint-Petersburg
Hello dear, I am staying at the Corinthia hotel on Nevsky tonight.
Are you available for a meeting?
Max, France
19.02.2017 23:49

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