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Message for Kseniya
Russia, Saint-Petersburg
Hi there. Are you avaiable on saturday the 25th of february for one night in my hotel?
Maik, Berlin
21.02.2017 10:52

Message for Xusha
Russia, Saint-Petersburg
Hello dear, I am staying at the Corinthia hotel on Nevsky tonight.
Are you available for a meeting?
Max, France
19.02.2017 23:49

Message for Zena
Russia, Moscow
Hello, you are very, very cute.

I am in moscow on Friday and would like 2 hours with you, a massage while you are wearing tight transparent clothing.

This would be an in call.

Morning or afternoon only.

If possible, can you give me a price ?
John, England
21.02.2017 19:57

Message for Olechka
Russia, Moscow
Hello, I'm from USA and I'll be in Moscow March 16th through the 21st. You're absolutely gorgeous, I like straight sex, woman on top, oral 69 and I'm interested in all night and if we click entire time I'm there.
Larry, USA
19.02.2017 15:51

Message for Polina
Russia, Moscow
Hi, I am from India, currently in Moscow for 3 days trip,
Need your services detail and charges.
I am staying in holiday inn, sokolniki, Moscow

We have our group, so if price of services will be better many of my friend can take your services on hourly basis.

Reply needed soon .

After that I'll provide you my room number.
Abhi, India
22.02.2017 04:56

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Prostitute Zhenya
Russia, Saint-Petersburg
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