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Message for Xusha
Russia, Saint-Petersburg
Hello Xusha,

You certainly are beautiful!
I'll be in St Petersburg on Monday 26th June - Are you free for dinner? I'd like to spend the whole night with you.
Let me know.
Lee, London - England
16.06.2017 01:56

Message for Nastya
Russia, Saint-Petersburg
Hey there, I will be in SPB in 30 June for 4 days, I would like to spend 2 hours with u. will u be available? please confirm price in Russian Ruble
Daniel, Spain
16.06.2017 06:09

Message for Yana
Russia, Saint-Petersburg
Hello Yana,

I be in your area next week. Are you available to meet for 2 to 3 day. If yes what will be the price for your full services and do you do everything without condom. If not I still what to see you
Martin, Canada
13.06.2017 19:54

Message for Alice
Russia, Moscow
How much for overnight? Do you provide anal and do you swallow??? Do you have a female friend or 2 for a 3 some or orgy?
John, United States
15.06.2017 01:13

Do you want to work with new talent?, american girls, all 21 and over willing to sign contract to travel if they will make the same rates the girls we se charge here
Bill, Orlando, florida, usa
11.06.2017 18:50


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