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Message for Angel
Russia, Saint-Petersburg
Hi! I will be in Petersburg from 19.05 till 21.05.2017.
Is it possible to meet you in my hotel for 1 day?
Klaus, Austria
10.05.2017 10:27

Message for Avrora
Russia, Moscow
i am Frank from Germany.
i send you yesterday an sms.
I am from 14-20.05.2017 in Moscow to a exhibition.
Maybe you have time
Regards Frank
Frank Dresbach, Germany
09.05.2017 22:36

Message for El'vira
Russia, Saint-Petersburg
Hi baby you are very beautiful and super sexy your face and body are like a work of art wow my name is antonio Williams and i am from America and one day i am planning to come to st.Petersburg Russia el'vira .
Antonio Williams, America Toledo
11.05.2017 13:14

I am an American in St. Petersburg for the evening and looking to spend some time with a beatiful woman while I am here.
Chris, U.S.A., St. Petersburg
10.05.2017 20:20


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Russia, Saint-Petersburg
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