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Message for Irina
Russia, Moscow
Hi, do you service foreign man? I am from Hong Kong. I wan try anal sex with you because you are very sexy.
Wong, HK SAR
13.09.2017 01:26

Message for Lolita
Russia, Saint-Petersburg
Are you available the last week of October in Saint Petersburg ?
Please reply me by email ;)
Stephane, France
12.09.2017 17:01

Message for Eva
Russia, Moscow
Good evening,

Me and my wife are visiting Moscow next weekend and would like to try a threesome.
Is this something that you can help us with?
We are hoping to book early evening on Saturday 23rd September and were hoping that you would be able to come to our hotel in Moscow.

Please can you let us know how much this would cost and how we go around booking this,

Many Thanks,

Dave Sherwood, England
15.09.2017 01:45

Message for Dina
Russia, Saint-Petersburg
Hi, Please send me an email ,i wanna know where and when we can meet?
Alex, Russia
17.09.2017 16:16

Message for Arina
Russia, Moscow
Hey can you come to my hotel ? for 2 hours
Fadi, Lebanon
14.09.2017 01:45


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