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Katerina - prostitute of Saint-Petersburg

Name Katerina
Age 23
Height 5'4'' / 165cm
Weight 121 lb / 55kg
Bust size 2
Clothing size 44
Hair color Rusyi
Nationality Russian
Date place Incall & Outcall
English knowledge +
E-mail, skype
City Saint-Petersburg
Underground station Nevskii prospekt
Phone number +7-981-891-07-97   (Call, sms, WhatsApp, Viber)
Russian Prostitute Katerina
I speak English

Prices (incall)

1 hour ask me ask me ask me
2 hours ask me ask me ask me
Night ask me ask me ask me

Prices (outcall)

1 hour ask me ask me ask me
2 hours ask me ask me ask me
Night ask me ask me ask me

About me

Real Russian Prostitute agency presents KATERINA, part time escort in St.Petersburg, student of humanitarian university. When you visit our beautiful city you may see lots of girls in the street and we are sure, you would like to hook up with any of them, now you can do it without hesitation! We did some amateur shots at the St.Pete backround so you can be sure she is 100% real and has genuine photos. KATERINA poses friendly personality, positive attitude and kind of wild nature in bed, be sure, you donít want miss that! Please, use our special discounts for long periods if you book at once. Night rate depends on total amount of hours)
You may found more Russian students at our website, please, ask operator for the address.

Services (basic)

  1. Kind of sex
    • Classic sex
    • Oral sex
  1. Massage
    • Relaxing massage

Services (extra)

  1. Kind of sex
    • Group sex
  2. Lesbi
    • Lesbian show lite
  3. Oral caresses
    • Cunnilingus (if mutual desired)
    • Blowjob without cock-sock
    • Blowjob with condom
  4. Threesome
    • Services for married couples
  5. Sex games
    • Roleplay
  6. Cumshot
    • Cum on face (COF)
    • Cum on tits
  1. Massage
    • Erotic massage
  2. Escort
    • Escort
All extra services and fees for them mentioned in the add are subject toverbal agreement with girl when meeting in person.

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