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Sofia - prostitute of Saint-Petersburg

Name Sofia
Age 22
Height 5'6'' / 171cm
Weight 106 lb / 48kg
Bust size 2
Clothing size 42
Hair color Blonde
Nationality Russian
Date place Incall & Outcall
English knowledge +
E-mail, skype
City Saint-Petersburg
Underground station Nevskii prospekt, Gostinyi Dvor, Mayakovskaya
Phone number +7-964-312-58-50   (Call, sms, WhatsApp, Viber)
Russian Prostitute Sofia
I speak English

Prices (incall)

1 hour 8000 165 145
2 hours 14000 285 250
Night 27000 550 475

Prices (outcall)

1 hour 8000 165 145
2 hours 14000 285 250
Night 27000 550 475

About me

Hi my friend! I am happy to see you here. Welcome to spb! If you want to meet with me or maybe you have some questions before meeting just write on this number +79643125850 (sms or WhatsApp). I will be happy to answer and speak with you. A little bit about myself: i am very cheerful, energetic, always in a good mood blonde girl, i like to be in a good company with generous man, and i love sex too much and everything associated with it. You will not regret to choose me.kisses.

Services (basic)

  1. Kind of sex
    • Classic sex
    • Oral sex

    Services (extra)

    1. Kind of sex
      • Group sex
    2. Oral caresses
      • Cunnilingus (if mutual desired)
      • Blowjob without cock-sock    +2000 P   +45 $   +40 €
      • Blowjob with condom
      • Deep throat blowjob
      • Deep throat blowjob (depends on the size)
      • 69 pose
    3. Threesome
      • Services for married couples
      • Have a girlfriend that can be invited
      • You can come with friend
    1. Massage
      • Classic massage
      • Erotic massage
    2. Escort
      • Escort
    3. Features of rendering of services
      • Sex in different positions
    All extra services and fees for them mentioned in the add are subject toverbal agreement with girl when meeting in person.

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