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Lera - prostitute of Moscow

Name Lera
Age 33
Height 5'6'' / 170cm
Weight 132 lb / 60kg
Bust size 5
Clothing size 46
Hair color Blonde
Nationality Russian
Date place Incall & Outcall, Hotel outcall, Office outcall, Home outcall, Outcall to other country
English knowledge +
E-mail, skype
City Moscow
Underground station Ohotnyi ryad, Tverskaya, Belorusskaya
Phone number +7-926-696-83-44   (Call, sms, WhatsApp, Viber)
Russian Prostitute Lera
I speak English

Prices (incall)

1 hour 9000 150 150
2 hours 12000 200 200
Night 22000 350 350

Prices (outcall)

1 hour 9000 150 150
2 hours 12000 200 200
Night 22000 350 350

About me

Hi.My name is Lera.I am 💯% real(can confirm with a selfie ). I am independent and speak fluent English. It's me who answeres the phonecalls. Whats app and viber always with me +7-926-696-83-44(int.) I provide escort as a hobby(in my free time i work as a guide translator round Moscow).I prefare outcall,(incall is possible too, but better to confirm meeting in advance). When you contact me please mention your hotel - the date and possible time of our meeting or if you would like to visit me. Tell me a few words about yourself (where are you from - approximately your age and sex preferences). Also mention the services and special things you would like to do. Please give me as much notice as you can. I would like to respect your privacy-i can come directly to your room in your hotel and nobody never will see us together! I stick to classic style of clothing and you can be at ease that my dress code meets the standards of decency. Also i have sweet beauty girlfriend for threesome(+150 for her).We will be glad to enterntaint you toghether.👭💋

Services (basic)

  1. Kind of sex
    • Classic sex
    • Oral sex
    • Anal sex
  2. Lesbi
    • Lesbian show
    • Lesbian show lite
    • Candid lesbians
    • Lesbians with your participation
    • Lesbians without your participation
  3. Oral caresses
    • Cunnilingus
    • Cunnilingus (if mutual desired)
    • Blowjob with condom
    • Deep throat blowjob
    • 69 pose
  4. Anal caresses
    • Urology
  5. Threesome
    • Double penetration
  6. Sex games
    • Roleplay
    • Roleplay (I have a script)
    • Roleplay (your script)
    • Roles interchanging
    • Disguise
    • Sexy lingerie
  7. Cumshot
    • Cum on tits
    • Cum in mouth (CIM)
    • Cum on body
  8. BDSM
    • Mistress services
    • Light Mistress
    • Strapon
    • Sex toys
    • Masturbation with toys
    • Finger masturbation
    • Fetish
    • Foot fetish
    • Boot fetish
    • Facesitting
    • Trampling
    • Ballbusting
  9. BDSM games
    • Ice play
    • Interchanging roles play
    • Feminization
  1. Massage
    • Massage
    • Relaxing massage
    • Classic massage
    • Professional massage
    • Non-professional massage
    • Erotic massage
    • Urological massage
    • Prostate massage
    • Titjob
  2. Kind of massage
    • Soap massage
    • Body massage
    • Lingam massage
    • Four-hand massage
  3. Escort
    • Escort
    • Escort service
    • Business appointment escort
    • Keep your restaurant`s company
    • Escort to other country
    • Hotel outcall
    • Office outcall
    • Home outcall
  4. Bar
    • I can offer meal
    • I can offer drinks
    • I can order meal
    • I can join you for a meal
    • I can join you for a drink
    • I smoke but can do not smoke

Services (extra)

  1. Kind of sex
    • Group sex
  2. Lesbi
    • Lesbians
  3. Oral caresses
    • Blowjob without condom
    • Kisses
  4. Threesome
    • Services for married couples
    • Have a girlfriend that can be invited
  5. BDSM
    • BDSM
    • Light BDSM
    • Domination
    • Light domination
    • Light slave
    • Classic fisting
    • Golden shower giving
  6. BDSM games
    • Bdsm play
    • Play with lead, collar, mask
    • Wax play
    • Medical play
  1. Escort
    • Girlfriend experience (GFE)
    • Escort to other country (have Schengen visa)
  2. Extrime
    • Sex on airplane
    • Sex in nightclub, restaurant, cinema
  3. Features of rendering of services
    • Many things are permissible
All extra services and fees for them mentioned in the add are subject toverbal agreement with girl when meeting in person.


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10.02.2017 10:42
USA, Dallas
I will stay at Park Inn hotel near SVO airport. How soon you can reach there once i call you.
10.02.2017 18:49
Dear Charles, your hotel is outside of Moscow. +3000 rur per taxi in both sides, the way can take 1h 30min - 2 hrs, depends of traffic time. I will be glad to meet you.
07.12.2016 08:51
St Jean sur Veyle
What is your rate to be Moscow guide?

I will be in moscw feb 2017
07.11.2016 12:30
What time are you working on Friday or Saturday night? I would like to meet you when im in Moscow.
07.11.2016 12:34
Dear Tom, i work 24/7 and can vizit you during 1 h, also you can contact with me via whats app, viber.

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