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Nonna - prostitute of Saint-Petersburg

Name Nonna
Age 50
Height 5'5'' / 167cm
Weight 154 lb / 70kg
Bust size 8
Clothing size 52
Hair color Blonde
Nationality Russian
Date place Incall & Outcall
English knowledge +
E-mail, skype
City Saint-Petersburg
Underground station Mayakovskaya
Phone number +7-991-891-07-97   (Call, sms, WhatsApp, Viber)
Russian Prostitute Nonna
I speak English

Prices (incall)

1 hour ask me ask me ask me
2 hours ask me ask me ask me
Night ask me ask me ask me

Prices (outcall)

1 hour ask me 120 ask me
2 hours ask me 200 ask me
Night ask me ask me ask me

About me

OMG!! Just see those boobs!!!!Itís the biggest boobs in St.Petersburg, I bet! Let us introduce our awesome girl named NONNA Lady Shock of 50yo with breast size 8, its like DDF!!! Do you wanna see this Russian Milf licking her hard nipples to get more exited as she is getting naked for you? Let her huge jugs play with your dick and balls and youíll get stone hard for sure! Nonna does all kinds of sex and knows how to satisfy you in all possible ways. Due to busy schedule (she has the main job) we ask to plan the date with Nonna in advance; she is available for visiting your place only.

Services (basic)

  1. Kind of sex
    • Classic sex
    • Oral sex
  1. Massage
    • Relaxing massage

Services (extra)

  1. Kind of sex
    • Anal sex
    • Group sex
  2. Oral caresses
    • Blowjob without cock-sock
    • 69 pose
  3. Anal caresses
    • Rim job giving
  4. Threesome
    • Services for married couples
  5. Sex games
    • Roleplay
  6. Cumshot
    • Cum on face (COF)
    • Cum on tits
  7. BDSM
    • Light domination
    All extra services and fees for them mentioned in the add are subject toverbal agreement with girl when meeting in person.


    06.05.2017 21:59
    Salut ça va je cherche de toi . si tu revient chez l'hôtel du solo sokos hôtel vasilievsky . Mercie
    12.08.2016 00:40
    I really like your photos, I want to know your services. I will be St Petersburg 1 maybe 2 nights
    I am looking at a couple of hotel options as well.

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