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Kristina - prostitute of Moscow

Name Kristina
Age 22
Height 5'6'' / 170cm
Weight 108 lb / 49kg
Bust size 3
Clothing size 42
Hair color Blonde
Nationality Russian
Date place Outcall only, Hotel outcall, Office outcall, Home outcall, Sauna outcall
English knowledge +
E-mail, skype -
City Moscow
Underground station Tverskaya, Pushkinskaya, Ohotnyi ryad
Phone number +7-925-167-43-08   (Call, sms, WhatsApp, Viber)
Russian Prostitute Kristina
I speak English

Prices (outcall)

1 hour 5000 105 90
2 hours 9000 185 160
Night ask me ask me ask me

About me

I'm a russian girl, independent, my pictures are real and recent. I can accompany you, i'm available for dinner dates or outcall to your hotel or apartment.

Services (basic)

  1. Kind of sex
    • Classic sex
    • Oral sex
  1. Massage
    • Relaxing massage

Services (extra)

  1. Lesbi
    • Lesbian show lite
    • Lesbians with your participation
    • Lesbians without your participation
  2. Oral caresses
    • Cunnilingus
    • Cunnilingus (if mutual desired)
    • Blowjob without cock-sock
    • Blowjob without condom
    • Blowjob with condom
    • Deep throat blowjob
    • Kisses
  3. Cumshot
    • Cum on face (COF)
    • Cum on tits
    • Cum on body
    • Cum in condom
  4. BDSM
    • Strapon
    • Sex toys
    • Golden shower giving
  1. Massage
    • Massage
    • Classic massage
    • Professional massage
  2. Striptise
    • Non-professional striptease
  3. Escort
    • Escort
    • Escort service
    • Business appointment escort
    • Keep your restaurant`s company
    • Girlfriend experience (GFE)
    • Hotel outcall
    • Office outcall
    • Home outcall
    • Sauna outcall
  4. Bar
    • I can join you for a meal
All extra services and fees for them mentioned in the add are subject toverbal agreement with girl when meeting in person.

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